Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit corporation?

Yes. We are designated a 501 © 3.

Why do you solicit funds?

To provide financial support for Palmetto Boy’s State.

What are the funds used for?

Scholarships, operational expenses and program events.

When was FOBS established?

FOBS was designated a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in 1988.

Do you have a list of corporations and institutions who have joined FOBS?

No. Up until 2010, FOBS relied on private donations. In 2011, the FOBS Board of Directors voted to accept not only private gifts, but funds from corporations, government sources and foundations.

Are the donations tax deductible?


Do you have a board of directors?

Yes. The Board includes:

    • John Boswell
    • Doug Brune
    • Dave Flemming
    • Morgan Kearse
    • Tim Lewis
    • Todd McDonald
    • Ephraim Ulmer

Is the Board made up of former Palmetto Boys' State members?

Yes. All Board members are PBS alum and have donated to FOBS.

Are you connected to the American Legion?

No. FOBS is independent of the American Legion.

Can I become a member of FOBS?

Yes. Please see the Donation page

What are the benefits of FOBS membership?

      • Invitation to a FOBS benefit program during the PBS encampment week in June.
      • Satisfaction of helping one of the premier youth leadership programs in South Carolina.

Do you provide a membership list?

No. The membership list shifts yearly.

Can I give a one-time gift?

Yes. Please see the Donation page.

Can I give monthly?

Yes. See our Donation page.

How can I make a financial donation to FOBS?

The Donation page lists gift designations, either through sending a check or using our Pay-Pal account.