Project 1000

Palmetto Boys State in an Arena :: Project 1000“Project 1000″ is an initiative born out of the Palmetto Boys State’s staff’s belief that our program has a significant and sometimes life changing impact on the young men who participate. At our annual Planning Conference in January of 2010, the staff overwhelmingly approved an plan to raise the number of citizens who attend Palmetto Boys State to 1000 within five years. In order to reach this goal, we have outlined a three-pronged strategy. First, we are committed to increasing the FOBS Foundation capital through the solicitation of grants, corporate sponsorships, and other fund raising activities. Secondly, our staff has agreed to participate in educating our local Legion Posts, high schools, and communities to raise the level of awareness about our outstanding program and the impact it has on young men’s lives and our community at large. Lastly, we have made a commitment to implement an aggressive campaign to increase participation in FOBS. We believe this will enhance our program by not only raising general awareness of the program in the public at large, but also by keeping the Boys State “family” connected and informed.

What can you do? First, contribute to FOBS. Secondly, share your Palmetto Boys State experience with others who may not know about the program. Thirdly, visit us during the week of Boys State. As you know, our encampment will be held at Anderson University this year and for the foreseeable future and we would love to have you come on Sunday night, 12 June 2011, for our extremely impressive and meaningful “Legion Night” celebration in which we honor the American Legion and those who have fought and died for our country. You are also invited to our graduation ceremony on Saturday, 18 June 2011, where you will be able to observe first-hand the impact this one week has had on 900 of the best and brightest our state has to offer. Lastly, contact with your local American Legion Post and volunteer to help in any way you can, but specifically in assisting the Post in raising money to sponsor as many qualified young men as possible.

I am convinced that if we all work together, Project 1000 can become a reality within the next few years. Thank you for your continued interest and support of Friends of Boys State.

Stephen R.H. Lewis
Director, Palmetto Boys State